Minister Bekteshi threatens to revoke licenses if companies fail to provide heating


BEG has a legal obligation to provide central heating, if it does not, then according to the Energy Law may face revocation of the license, said the Minister of Economy KreshnikBekteshiin an interview withTelma TV.

Bekteshi said that the Government is closely monitoring the situation with the thermal energy and several options are already being considered with the competent institutions and all those involved in the supply, distribution and production of thermal energy in order to find certain solutions.

“Not only do they have to find a way to supply heating, but BEG also has an obligation to do so in accordance with the Energy Law. Licensees may not cease to fulfill their obligation to provide a public service. If they stop supplying heat without first informing the Energy Regulatory Commission that they have a problem, the ERC has the right to revoke their license,” Bekteshi said.

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