PM-designate Kovachevski: Priorities of the new Government are dealing with the energy crisis and improving the living standard


SDSM leader and Prime Minister-designateDimitarKovachevski on Tuesday submitted the composition of the new Government and the work program of the Government to Parliament SpeakerTalatXhaferi.

“The program has been upgraded, based on the electoral legitimacy gained in the 2020 elections by incorporating the program commitments of the new coalition partner Alternative as well as the new program goals arising from the new challenges facing this Government, the citizens and the country,” Kovachevski said.

According to Kovachevski, the key first priority is dealing with the energy crisis in the country, which is a European energy crisis and which is also felt in Macedonia.

The second priority is to maintain and improve the living standards of citizens and support companies in light of the economic crisis arising from the energy crisis.

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