Smaller parties in the ruling majority condition their support for the Government


If the amendments to the Electoral Code are not adopted within three months, the majority MPs announce that they will cancel the support of the Government, which will cause early elections.

MPs of the five smaller parties in the ruling coalition conditioned their further support on the new government by demanding that the amendments to the Electoral Code be adopted within three months. On January 12, they submitted a request to the Parliament Speaker TalatXhaferi to schedule a plenary session as soon as possible to discuss the proposal for amendments to the Electoral Code, submitted 11 months ago.

“Several MPs on March 5, 2021, submitted to the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia a Draft Law amending the Election Law. It is put on the agenda of the session scheduled for May 18, 2021 (item 58), but the debate has not started. Given the importance of the law, we insist on scheduling a plenary session and opening a debate on the Bill as soon as possible. With the changes, it is proposed that the Republic of North Macedonia be one constituency, with a proportional electoral model and without a threshold,” reads the request signed by MPs PavleTrajanov (DS), MajaMorachanin (DOM), Monika Zajkova and BobiMojsoski (LDP),LjupchoBalkoski (VMRO-NP) and BejxhanIljas (DPT).

If the amendments to the Electoral Code are not adopted within three months, the MPs announce that it will mean the end of their support to the Government.

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