Government adopts Decree declaring a state of crisis after heating supply disruption


At its 134th session, the Government adopted a Decree on the criteria and conditions for declaring a state of crisis in cases of weather and natural disasters, accidents and disorders of the heat market, the manner of heat supply in a state of crisis, measures taken in case of declaring state of crisis.

According to this Decree, the continuous monitoring, analysis and assessment of the situation on the heat market in the country will be performed by the Commission for monitoring the situation with the heat supply, which will be established by the Minister of Economy.

The Commission is expected to consist of eight members, one representative each from the senior management positions in the Ministry of Economy, the Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission of the Republic of North Macedonia, one representative from the Association of Local Self-Government Units and five representatives from the holders of licenses in the thermal energy market.

The Decree stipulates that in case of crisis, depending on the assessments, to take measures for crisis management prepared by the operators of the distribution systems, to limit the supply of heat, as well as to provide additional quantities of heating energy.

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