Shtip Mayor: The reasons and the requests for financial support from the central government are objective


Mayor of the Municipality of Shtip Ivan Jordanov in an interview with TV24 on Saturday emphasized that most of the financial expenses that are planned in the 2022 Budget will have to be redirected for amortization of the energy crisis.

“Most of the institutions under local self-government are large consumers of electricity, the increased price creates big problems for us. Specifically in the Municipality of Shtip PE “Isar” has a large consumption of electricity due to pumping of drinking water and distribution to the households. Exactly several times the increase of electricity will create a big problem in the liquidity of that public enterprise”, pointed out Jordanov.

The Mayor added that now as the Municipality of Stip and as PE “Isar” the debt is serviced month by month to the ministry of finance, i.e. to the central government, but in the last 20 years this debt was not serviced.

“That is why the reasons and demands with which we ask for financial support and support from the central government are objective, but if we do not get it normally, we will have to orient ourselves on alternative ways of damping the shocks of the energy crisis,” Jordanov noted.

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