Markova Velinova: The Government brags about projects on paper, while in reality there’s only chaos


Unsuccessful economic policies cannot result in success in energy, these are branches that are connected, we ended the end of 2021 with declaring an energy crisis and the beginning of 2022 we started with a crisis in heat supply, said Elena Markova Velinova, chair of the VMRO-DPMNEEnergy Commission.

Markova Velinova emphasized this during the tribune “Tenders and crime for the government – Expensive electricity and more expensive central heating for the people”, adding that this government boasts only of paper projects, and in reality nothing has been realized or what has been realized is badly done and therefore the ground is nailed to the bottom.

“They inherited healthy energy companies and failed to keep them at the level they inherited, reducing production by half or more.” There is no domestic production, and they carry an energy strategy that they boast will bring green energy which is expensive. They failed to build anything new, and inherited a new hydropower plant, a new wind farm in Bogdanci, reconstruction of all hydropower plants, reconstruction of a block in REK Bitola. Which means they inherited healthy energy, and they failed to continue it to the level they inherited, but created total chaos,” said Markova Velinova.

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