Dimovski: The minimum wage must increase, it is of existential importance to workers


The need to increase the minimum wage to 18,000 denars is real and existential for workers. The arguments are on our side and I see no reason not to accept our request, SSM head Darko Dimovski said in an interview with MIA.

In the interview that will be published in full tomorrow, Dimovski points out that such a request is inevitable given that the consumer basket is 35,040 denars and that two workers who receive the minimum wage are missing 4,640 denars to be able to cover the minimum monthly needs of the family.

“The employee expects that in accordance with the price shocks, the energy crisis, etc. We have no other hope but to increase our salaries and survive in the month, Dimovski stresses.

“The law is clear. Each March, the minimum wage is adjusted to three criteria – an increase in the average wage, an increase in costs and an increase in GDP. What the Minister of Economy says is unacceptable for us and does not make sense because in March, even if we do not want to, the minimum wage must be adjusted, and due to the pandemic and the energy crisis, we believe that 18,000 denars is an acceptable solution for workers who take minimum wage, and there are over 110,000,” Dimovski underlines in the interview.


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