Mickoski: The behavior of Kovachevski and Petkov has a lot of parade, and very little essence


My impression is that all of this seems a little more refined than it was for the public. But the essence is the same that whenever the Bulgarian government needs to take any step forward, there will be some excuses again, whether those excuses will be a four-party coalition or I will not have someone else who will be a confirmation in the relations, there will always be any excuse just not to make a step forward in the direction of building trust, says VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in Saturday’s interview on Sitel TV.

Mickoski assessed that in the behavior of Kovachevski and Petkov there is a lot of parade, but very little essence and all that to the detriment of the Macedonian people.

“All of this as a show in front of the curtain seems interesting, especially for the diplomats from the European Union, especially for the diplomats who are present in the country, but without substance. We need substance. What is the essence? The essence is that we lost several negotiating positions, Ali Ahmeti bid there with new changes to the Constitution, Bojan Marichikj bid there that they practically let the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria through the water, etc.,” said Mickoski.

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