Misajlovski: A government that has not built a kilometer of highway in six years, now plans to do it in six months?!


I think they want to level all the issues. Political topics are important, but so are education, cooperation, transport, economics, and so on. They want to relativize everything and present it as nothing terrible, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Vlado Misajlovski in a TV interview.

“If this good neighborliness Treaty with Bulgaria is so good, why not increase some of the grants to Macedonia? While I was the Minister of Transport, we applied for a huge grant in the railway and it was received, but they do not realize it. And now you want to tell me that they will fulfill all these agreements? So for six years they do not have a kilometer of highway, they do not have a kilometer of railway and like now all those agreements, we will put all those issues on the same when there is on the one hand very important identity things that are in one member and these other agreements that are good for everyone,” Misajlovski pointed out.


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