Gjorchev: Dimitrov accepted all positions of Bulgaria with the Treaty, and now he runs away from his own conscience


Former Macedonian Ambassador to Bulgaria Marjan Gjorchev in a TV interview said that former Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Dimitrov as creator of the Treaty with Bulgaria accepted all the positions of Sofia and now his warning is an escape from his own conscience.

“Considering that Dimitrov was the creator of the Treaty for two months with Mr. Viktor Dimovski, they accepted all the Bulgarian positions that were previously negotiated by the Macedonian side for five and a half years, so he should have been aware when he signed the treaty what the consequences would be for Macedonia, when such an treaty is concluded which includes an asymmetric and unequal position towards minorities where Bulgaria has the right to take care of its minority in Macedonia, and Macedonia has no right to take care of its minority in Bulgaria,” Gjorchev said.

Gjorchev also pointed out that the blockade by Bulgaria is at least not a civilizing and friendly act towards our country, so now with the new Prime Minister Petkov it is necessary to pay attention to the economy and infrastructure.

“We demand reciprocity, the National Framework Convention for Minorities in Bulgaria was ratified in 1999 and it has a duty to take care of Bulgarian citizens with Macedonian ethnicity, such an approach is a reciprocal approach and it would be opportunistic,” Gjorchev said.

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