Whether students will stay home next month to be decided by the end of the week


A decision will be made by the end of the week whether the classes in the second half of February 1 will start with in-person or online lessons, and the Ministry of Education and Science will have meetings with health officials, announced today the Minister of Education and Science Jeton Shaqiri.

“We will have meetings by the end of the week and before the beginning of the second half of the year we will have the position of the Commission for Infectious Diseases and the Crisis Staff. We have in mind the calls from UNICEF, which is for physical presence in teaching, and we all, and the teaching staff, are aware of the benefits of in-person lessons. And according to the data, in the first half of the year, we had a very small number of infected children. Our decision would have been easy if we had the same variant of the virus as in September and October. There is a new variant now, but that does not mean that the beginning of the second half of the year with in-person lessons will increase the number of cases,” said Shaqiri,



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