Students back to in-person classes starting February 1, COVID-19 quarantine will last 7 days


The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia at Thursday’s 7th regular session decided to reduce the period of isolation for persons with laboratory presence of COVID-19 as well as the period of self-isolation/quarantine of persons who were in close contact with a confirmed case with COVID-19.

According to these recommendations, persons who are laboratory confirmed on COVID-19 (by PCR test or rapid antigen test), and who have not developed symptoms of the disease, i.e. are asymptomatic cases of COVID-19, are given home isolation for seven days from the day of testing. After the end of the isolation period, it is necessary for an additional three days to strictly observe the personal protection measures (wearing protective masks N95/FFP2 when staying indoors with other persons or outdoors when a distance of two meters cannot be kept, frequent disinfection on hands, avoiding grouping).

For individuals who have been laboratory confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 (by PCR test or rapid antigen test), and who have developed a clinical picture appropriate to the virus, i.e. are symptomatic cases to be isolated for seven days from the day of testing plus three consecutive days if the person has no fever.

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