There are no court resolutions for major scandals for SDSM officials, the opposition accuses  


At the tribune “SDSM corruption, the pillar of Macedonia’s failure” held at the headquarters of VMRO-DPMNE, party spokesperson Dimche Arsovski spoke who highlighted several major scandals in the past four years of SDSM officials such as the “Racket” case and the case of Den Donchev,  Lidija Dimova, Dragi Rashkovski who have no court decision even though criminal charges have been filed.

“As you know, literally the past four years from the moment SDSM came to power, up to now, most of the affairs we have taken out have no conclusion, with criminal charges filed, so it is not only the affairs that have been taken out in public but criminal charges have been filed because we all believe that one day Macedonia can be a state governed by the rule of law that will really bring justice,” said spokesperson Arsovski.

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