Marichikj: We are ready to discussinclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution


There should be no reservations about the Macedonian language in the negotiation framework because we believe we have the right to do so. Bulgaria has its position regarding the Macedonian language, but we will see what attitude it will build towards the negotiating framework and that issue, but it is a subject of talks and negotiations, said Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration BojanMarichikj in an interview withSitel TV.

Marichikjsays that there is no other red line than that they will not deviate from the fact that we have the right to speak Macedonian and that it should be one of our features.

“It is important for us not to become a process of Europeanization, a process of bilateralization or a process of burdening the negotiating framework with bilateral issues,” Marichikj said.

Discussing the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Macedonian Constitution, Marichikj said that at the moment when the procedure is opened, the Government is ready to discuss the inclusion of the Croatian, Montenegrin and Bulgarian communities in the Constitution, because, as he explained, they do not see a conceptual or political problem in our system to be included in the Constitution.

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