Alliance for Albanians agrees the Electoral Code should finally enter the procedure, claims VMRO-DPMNE MP


As you know, today we are rounding off that tour of meetings with the smaller parliamentary groups in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia and the meeting with the coordinators of the Parliamentary Group of the Alliance, with whom we certainly discussed the issue of the Electoral Code, said VMRO- DPMNE MP Dafina Stojanovska.

“I inform you from this meeting that again, as it was a common denominator of all past meetings this week, and that the Alliance of Albanians agrees that the Electoral Code should finally enter the procedure, we are all for a public debate with the Parliament regarding this issue on which we will consider all the individual views and requirements regarding whether the lists are open, regarding the threshold, etc. So the conclusion from all the past meetings remains, I think that the last one was made today and we ask for this draft law to finally enter the procedure and for that we call on Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi,” said Stojanoska.



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