Kovachevski: It is not the right time for elections, but for dealing with challenges


Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski believes that now is not the time for early parliamentary elections, but it is time to deal with the health and energy crisis, and to develop the economy. There will be elections, he says, but regular ones in 2024, by which time all political parties have time to reach a consensus on the abolition of the caretaker government, also known as the “Przhino government”.

Regarding the issues that were raised in the past, dominated by the opposition, we as a party and I as SDSM leader and Prime Minister have already given the view that the country is currently facing several major challenges, and that is to deal with the health crisis first, as well as with the energy crisis. We had to deal with the heating crisis in the City of Skopje, and we also have an open process, active, in talks with our neighbor with the Republic of Bulgaria in order to hold the first intergovernmental conference of the Republic of North Macedonia with the EU. Therefore, we believe that those issues that are not aimed at correcting the biggest challenges are just a defocus from those issues that are most important to be solved for our citizens, said Kovachevski in response to a media question.

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