Energy crisis has cost Macedonian citizens 113 million euros, says Kadievska


So far, the energy crisis does not cost, ie until the latest date 113 million euros and these are data from open finances of the Ministry of Finance. These are transfers from the Government from the central budget to ESM “, said Maja Kadievska, member of the VMRO-DPMNE EC in a political TV interview.

Kadievska added that there is also the BEK transfer and the rest of the money that was transferred last year.

“I do not know why about 30 million euros are booked as capital investments. And it is clear that transfers are known to overcome this energy shock,” Kadievska said.

Kadievska pointed out that the minister should have predicted the energy crisis and budgeted it in 2022 with a higher amount of money.

“I do not expect economic growth to reach 4.1% this year, I expect around 3.5%. As I expected, 2020 will be over 5.5%, and 6.1% came out, a deeper recession than the Government predicted. So some things should be foreseen in time and prevented,” Kadievska added.

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