By increasing the minimum wage without increasing other wages, the effect of justice will not be achieved, says opposition


The increase of the minimum wage without adequate growth of the other wages will not achieve the effect of justice. Namely, with the growth of 18 thousand denars, the minimum wage will be almost equal to the wages in many responsible and essential activities. That is why we believe that a school teacher who gets paid 25 thousand denars and a bus driver who gets paid 23 thousand denars, should receive a much higher salary than the minimum wage, says opposition party VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Wednesday.

Also, a counselor in an institution who is paid 24 thousand and younger associate with higher education in a certain institution with 20 thousand denars in accordance with the obligations and responsibilities should have a salary that is higher by a certain percentage of the minimum.

Employees with higher education in dormitories such as Senior Associate/Administrator who receives a salary of 21,000 denars and Head of Department with a salary of 25,000, must receive a salary far higher than the minimum wage.

Hence, VMRO-DPMNE’s proposal is to increase salaries in the country in accordance with the weight and responsibility of the job. It means real help for the citizens, not a source of new injustices.

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