Klekovski: Does SDSM marginalize the Parliament and the opposition with the EU fast-track procedures of laws?


One of my priorities is to work within VMRO-DPMNE on expanding openness and inclusion for cooperation with civil society. I would like to raise Macedonia in the right direction where inclusiveness and good governance will become normal things, said VMRO-DPMNE EC memberSashoKlekovski in an interview with TV Sitel News.

“The fundamental problem is that inside the government, the Minister of Justice BojanMaricic, from which ministry the law on civil liability came out, and which submitted the law under a EU fast-track procedure, and he was against the use of the European fast-track procedures,” Klekovski said.

Klekovski asked whether SDSM is in the direction of a movement where the Parliament is marginalized, the opposition is marginalized and where EU fast-track procedures are placed and thus the discussion of all possible laws is cut short.

“The problem with the law on negative opinion is a bit more fundamental because this law had a EU flag, which is a fast-track deadline for discussion and the opposition is cut short for a debate to change things,” Klekovski noted.

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