Georgievski achieved the greatest success for Macedonia by winning silver at the Olympics and did not receive the biggest voucher from ASM (PHOTO)


Although he achieved the greatest success for Macedonia at one of the Olympic Games with the silver medal at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Dejan Georgievski from the Agency for Youth and Sports (AMS) surprisingly did not receive the biggest voucher despite the greatest sporting success for which he was named best athlete last year 2021.

After two decades, Georgievski brought the second medal from the Olympics, the most valuable so far with the silver in taekwondo, but he received a third voucher from AMC. Georgievski received 350,000 denars from the state AMC for this 2022, and the same amount was given to the wrestler and Olympian Mogamedgadzi Nurov.

The biggest voucher was given to the karate player Emil Pavlov, who won silver at last year’s World Karate Championship of 500,000 denars, while the second largest voucher for this year has the Paralympian in archery Olivera Nakova-Bikova of 400,000 denars.


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