Retirees demand pension increase


The month can hardly pass, prices and bills have increased significantly, and some of us do not receive even a 200 euro pension. The oldest group of citizens in the country complain that their income is very low. They have different views on how much their pensions should be, but they all agree that they should be higher than the current ones they receive.

The proposal of the Union of Pensioners’ Associations is to take into account part of the increase in salaries and part of the increase in the cost of living in the harmonization of pensions. They expect their proposals for the government to be acceptable.

Currently, the adjustment is made twice a year – according to the increase in the cost of living, but in addition to this in the pension law there is a possibility for adjustment according to wages, if the minimum increases by 15 percent and the average by 5 percent. But, for this the state should adopt a special act and in the case of their proposal there will be no need for that.

There are 328 thousand pensioners in the country.

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