Kovachevski announces new methodology for pension growth and package of financial support for pensioners


We are already working on a methodology that will enable long-term and sustainable increase of pensions, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski said on Monday.

“Pensioners are those who deserve, after so many years of hard work and a huge contribution to our country, to have dignified retirement days. We are already working on analyzes that will be presented through an open dialogue in which the associations of pensioners and other interested parties as well as the competent institutions of the Government will participate,” said Prime Minister Kovacevski in a press release.

“During 2021 we had support for vulnerable categories of citizens, including low-income retirees, and today in light of the energy and economic crisis, I can announce that we are already working on a package of financial assistance for retirees that we will determine based on analyzes and which will be given to retirees for easier management of the energy and economic crisis “, added Kovachevski.

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