Mickoski: Our home is Macedonia, I urge SDSM to stand by the people


Our home is Macedonia, I urge SDSM to stand by the people, said Hristijan Mickoski before the mayors of East Planning region.

“Two days ago, I outstretched my hand for unity on national issues. And I did it because for too long, literally too long, the political parties and we as a society see ourselves through the sights, while the people suffer. And, at the same time, I did it precisely because VMRO-DPMNE is one of the strongest pillars on which our home relies, in the strongest storms and temptations. And not that there will be no new, maybe stronger, but it does not matter when you see how on one side we are together with the people, and on the other side outside the home the government with its ministers. There is a place for everyone in a home under one roof and for that we should lend a hand in a situation when we have storms and temptations and only for issues that are of state and national importance.

The dispute with Bulgaria remains open and deepening. At first I thought it was ignorance, lack of sense of momentum, but it is becoming increasingly clear that it is a tendency of Kovachevski and the government not to want to achieve national unity. The lack of unity on such important issues means only a new defeat for Macedonia and the Macedonian people. And if these are the lessons of Zaev that Kovachevski follows, I would tell him to leave that embrace because the teacher is bad, and there is no greater teacher than the will and the voice of the people because he never makes mistakes. Therefore, I once again call for national unity on the most important issues. Let them take very seriously the importance of the historical moments that we as a generation carry,” Mickoski said.

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