SONK President: The bubble will burst, or a gradual increase in public sector wages or a strike


I stand responsibly that this draft law will not solve the problem, said SONK President Jakim Nedelkov in an interview with TV 24, on the draft law for transformation of employment of 4,700 teachers proposed by SDSM.

“If we single out the current law on minimum wage, Article 8, which says that within six months there must be harmonization of wages with an increase in the minimum wage. So only for a certain category of employees we have an increased minimum wage and for others not, although the topic is education, I must say that in kindergartens there are ten groups of employees with different points who receive the same salary. So it is more unbearable, the balloon is so inflated that it will burst,” Nedelkov said.

“We have to find solutions to overcome this,” Nedelkov said.

Asked whether he thinks that raising the minimum wage is a good solution, Nedelkov said that it is a partial solution and that SSM should have fought for point 3 where there will be a gradual increase in wages in all jobs.


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