Macedonia to send 10 troops to Russian border


The Macedonian Army will move closer to the Russian border, implementing a plan to send troops to the Baltic region, one of the most affected areas in NATO security doctrine at the moment.

According to the defense portal “Balkan Security Network”, the Government’s plan is to increase the number of Macedonian troops abroad from 71 to 118, two of which will be part of KFOR in Kosovo, and ten soldiers are planned to stationed in Latvia.

This will increase costs by as much as 66 percent. The increase of forces outside our borders will cost Macedonia five and a half million euros.

The first troops in Latvia are due to leave in July, and NATO already has its forces on the border with Russia and Belarus. There are four units with a thousand members, which will be joined by Macedonian forces. At the head of the forces, which will include our soldiers, are officers from the Canadian Army.

Macedonia will remain in Kosovo in the process called “KFOR Balkanization”, in which several Balkan countries are taking part after the great powers decided to withdraw their troops.

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