VMRO-DPMNE invites Osmani to a session of the Foreign Policy Committee


I would like to inform you today about the undertaken initiative, which is an official request to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani, as soon as possible with a deadline of March 2, to hold a special session of the Foreign Policy Committee related to all current Consuls General of Macedonia abroad and the process of their appointment, their biographies and who and whether met the legal requirements to be appointed Consuls General, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Miloshoski at Friday’s press briefing.

“We are initiating this initiative because information was leaked to the public incidentally and it was found out that at least two decisions for consuls general were not sent and appointed by the Government in accordance with the legal requirements, ie they were neither employed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with high official diplomatic title, nor were out of ranks of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and to be well-known personalities in foreign policy or international relations. We believe that such degradation of the Macedonian diplomacy is not necessary at this moment and responsibility should be taken. Whether the Minister of Foreign Affairs knew or was such decisions made, he will be able to answer it to the Foreign Policy Committee, and on behalf of the transparency referred to by the Government, I expect him to accept this invitation and discuss such controversial solutions,” says Miloshoski.

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