One-way trip from Skopje to Shtip in will cost MKD 160


Director of the Public Enterprise for State Roads Ejup Rustemi announced Monday that a one-way trip from Skopje to Shtip will cost 160 denars.

Asked by the media, the director said that the prices of the two new tolls on the highway Miladinovci – Shtip have been brought, which, according to the Work Program of the company, should be released in the second quarter of the year.

“The price of tolls is determined according to the Law, 2.57 denars per kilometer. So, at Preod it will be 50 denars, and in Kadrifakovo the price will be 70 denars,” said Rustemi.

If the toll at Miladinovci is added to this, the one-way trip from the capital to Shtip will now cost 160 denars due to tolls.

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