Miteva: The fact that the government is hiding what it is negotiating with Bulgaria casts doubt that they are negotiating on language and identity


Regarding the issue of Bulgaria’s dispute with Macedonia, I have a feeling that the EU negotiations will be reduced to the demands of Bulgaria, and not to the reforms that Macedonia needs.

As a party, we are constantly alerted that behind this request in front of the public that it is about the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution, there is something else that is being negotiated, said Marija Miteva, member of the VMRO-DPMNE EC and party spokesperson in an interview with TV 24.

Miteva clarified that it is about what VMRO-DPMNE constantly says that the Macedonian language and identity are being traded and that the negotiations refer to that framework, and not with the introduction of the Bulgarians.

“No matter how much the government takes us aside, we follow things closely, no matter how much they hide the information we find out from the media, instead of the government being transparent. As a political party, we are determined and give constructiveness, but not for a solution that will encroach on the Macedonian national identity or that will encroach on the language,” Miteva stressed.

The spokesperson pointed out that the inconsistent views of the government of SDSM and DUI are seen in the fact that the Prime Minister refuses to sit at the table to build a national consensus, and in rejecting the Declaration of Goce Delchev, but also not responsible for the written guarantees that Macedonia should asked them.


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