Osmani: We are monitoring the situation with Macedonian citizens in Ukraine, two families have asked for help at the Embassy


Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani informed that the situation in Ukraine is being цлоселѕ monitored and that our Embassy is in contact with the Macedonian citizens who are currently in Ukraine, in order to help them leave the country.

“We are, of course, monitoring the situation in terms of our citizens who are currently there. So far we have had several appeals to take advantage of all the opportunities to return here to Skopje via commercial flights. Some of them have returned, some have not. I’m in constant communication with our Embassy. As of this morning and today we have several citizens who are looking for documents to be able to leave the country, but we are already making plans for the evacuation of our diplomats, although we have not yet made that decision. However, we are in constant coordination with our partners and our people on the ground to make the appropriate decisions,” the foreign minister told the “Morning Briefing” TV show.

Osmani informed that today two families contacted our Embassy in Kiev asking for certain documents in order to leave the country. Osmani reminded that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been appealing for weeks, in order not to be in a situation today when the roads and ways to meet them are blocked. He says that our diplomats are there and will find a way to help them as long as they have the chance, and then we will make a decision to evacuate our diplomats from the Embassy.

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