Former Health Minister transferred 2.5 million euros for a project that has not been announced to be completed in the near future


Venko Filipche is no longer a minister, yet scandals are still emerging on suspicion of crime in accordance with his work for the past four years. Even after Venko’s scandals, there are still Venko’s scandals, yet again. These days the public learns from the media that VenkoFilipche used a vacuum period when the public was dealing with the removal of Zaev and the circus organized by SDSM, it was VenkoFilipche then in that vacuum period paid to the Greek company Intrakat which builds the Clinical Center in Shtip even 2.5 million euros, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson DimcheArsovski told a press briefing on Friday.

The spokesperson pointed out that there wasn’t a trace of the Clinical Center in Shtip, nor that it will be completed and that for the 5th year SDSM as a Government is doing and finishing it, and for more than two years there are no construction workers, and not a single brick has been moved, nor one nail has been nailed.

“After the EBRD terminates the contract with Intrakat due to unfinished obligations for which they have pledged in connection with the construction and literally no one, but no one here in the government is interested in the construction of the clinical center, VenkoFilipche a few weeks before leaving, i.e. leaves the post of Minister of Health, transfers 2.5 million euros for a project that is unfinished and there is no announcement that it will be completed in the near future. Although the company Intrakat was blocked by the court here in Macedonia, we could read in the media that the Civil Court, exactly the one that blocked the account of the company for outstanding debts of over 600 Macedonian companies, immediately after the local elections when Zaev’s resignation was certain of VenkoFilipche, unblocked the account of 90 days of the same company and exactly in those 90 days VenkoFilipche paid 2.5 million euros from the money of the citizens and then left the position. The company Intrakat, instead of settling obligations or using the funds that came from Filipche to work at the clinical center, it pumped it out of the country abroad,” Arsovski noted.

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