Inflation eats away the standard, prices of oil, flour and milk as basic food items increased by over 40 percent


Kovachevski is incompetent, inflation eats the standard, prices of oil, flour and milk as basic groceries increased by over 40%. In just a year and a half, the price of oil, which in 2020 was 57 denars, is now 98 denars, or over 46% more, says opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

The party points out that in the same period, salaries did not increase even a penny.

“There is a jump in the price of milk, the same in 2020 was sold for 45 denars per liter, and now it is sold A 55 denars per liter, which is over 20% increase. Pensions in this period have not increased even a penny. There is a big increase in prices for flour. A kilogram of flour in 2020 cost 34 denars, now it costs 47 denars, or almost 40% more. “Throughout this period, the economy has not grown,” reads the press release.

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