Osmani: Kiev is surrounded, our diplomats are in hiding


Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani stated that he is in constant contact with our embassy in Kiev, as well as with our citizens who are trying to leave Ukraine.

“We are in contact with our embassy. Unfortunately, the situation is not good, especially in Kiev. The ambassador and the diplomat, and two other citizens who are at the embassy, ​​spend most of the day in hiding rather than at the embassy. They cannot go to their residences. They spent the night in the embassy. We are trying to evacuate them. I had contacts with my colleagues from the region. There are about 20 ambassadors from EU members in Kiev, who also cannot leave. Kiev is under siege, there have been airstrikes all night. We are making arrangements, any country that will provide the first transport, to take our diplomats to Poland. However, they are in communication with our citizens in Ukraine. Although they spent most of it in hiding yesterday, they give travel documents. But even those who received travel documents cannot get out,” Osmani said.

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