Criminal charges against three Pakistanis for smuggling migrants


On Friday, the Department for Organized and Serious Crime filed criminal charges against DA at 21, MA at 18 and BR at 35, all from Pakistan, for the crime of “Migrant Smuggling”, which is punishable by Article 418-b paragraph 2 cc paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code, for which, by a pre-trial judge, the three criminally reported persons were detained for 30 days.

Department for Suppression of Organized and Serious Crime, National Unit for Suppression of Migrant Smuggling and Human Trafficking in cooperation with SIA Kumanovo, Regional Center South and Regional Center North, and in coordination with the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption and Kumanovo, realized a case of smuggling of migrants, committed by three illegal migrants who on 24.02.2022 in the role of guides, in order to gain illegal property benefit, transferred six illegal migrants originating from India across the Serbian-Macedonian border to Tabla ( location in the south of the country towards Greece, between the villages of Bogorodica and Stojakovo, Gevgelija), for the purpose of their further transportation and transfer across the Macedonian-Greek border with final destination EU countries.

The suspects under a previous agreement for a sum of 1,000 euros per person, accepted the illegal migrants in the immediate vicinity of the Serbian capital Belgrade, illegally transferred them through the Serbian-Macedonian border line on foot, from where they organized their re-transfer by car to the Gevgelija region for the purpose of further illegal transfer to Greece.

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