Marichikj: We are on the side of the Ukrainian people, military aggression against a sovereign state is an inadmissible violation of international law


Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs Bojan Marichikj, in an interview with Radio Skopje, said that in these difficult times he expressed solidarity with the Ukrainian people and strongly condemned Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, calling for a diplomatic solution.

“This is an inadmissible Russian aggression against Ukraine. We have always been for a diplomatic solution, for talks and against war. That is why we remain with Ukraine, because this military aggression will bring a lot of misfortune, human casualties and instability in Europe today in the 21st century. This is an act of destabilization in Eastern Europe, but the consequences are felt throughout Europe, said Deputy Prime Minister Marichikj, adding that we as a NATO member and as a candidate country for the European Union are in coordination with our allies and will help as much as “are our opportunities and capacities,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Asked about relations with Bulgaria, our positions and the new approach to negotiations, Marichikj said that they have been in intensive communication with the Bulgarian government and working groups for the past month, and that this intensity is expected to yield results.


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