VMRO-DPMNE demands reduction of excises by 50 percent


During the Zaevism government, fuel prices rose sharply due to the excise duties and taxes they introduced. A year and a half a liter of diesel fuel cost 46 denars, and now a liter of diesel exceeds 75 denars with a tendency to grow. Additionally, the price of a liter of gasoline was 50 denars, and now the price has exceeded 84 denars. This price increase is from 65 to 70%, says opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

“Basically, with this increase in fuel prices, the budget of the citizens is hit directly, but also of the economy. Fuel prices, which are crucial for the standard, are rising, and the government administered by Kovachevski does not lift a finger about it.

That’s why VMRO-DPMNE gives a specific proposal for protection of the standard of the citizens and direct assistance to the economy. With the draft law, we will request a reduction of excise duties on motor vehicle fuels by 50%. This measure will directly affect the reduction of the price of fuels, gasoline will be immediately reduced by 13 denars, and diesel by 9.5 denars. This does not only mean saving families, this also saves transportation in the economy and it can lower the prices of final products,” says VMRO-DPMNE.

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