Mickoski: The Government divides the people and declares them Russophile, our people are pro-Macedonian and those interests should be protected


President StevoPendarovski and his party SDSM behave extremely irresponsibly when they publicly count who was in Macedonia for Russia and who was for Ukraine, and the head of state said that “the vast majority of the Macedonian people were pro-Russian”, and this division of Ukraine – The Russia they are doing to the people is only when it comes to narrow political and narrow party interests, but not when it comes to tenders or procurements from companies that are on the black list of our allies, said VMRO-DPMNE leader HristijanMickoski on Wednesday.

The opposition leader added that this division of the people means the introduction of additional discord and such a divided tissue in society.

“But what to expect from people who have not outdone themselves in order to unite the Macedonian people in reaching a consensus on the issue with Bulgaria, and not in Ukraine, where they see the creation of divisions as a regular operation of which they are proud.” said Mickoski.

He reiterated that the position of VMRO DPMNE is clear, which means “support for peace in Ukraine and the territorial integrity of this independent and sovereign state”.

Mickoski warned of an engineering that is more and more present in the public today, which this outgoing government led by the SDSM and DUI wants to implement.

“Instead of focusing on our problems and what should be our main focus –taking care of our citizens of Macedonia, they are distracting and defocusing on topics that none of you are concerned about. That is the engineering that Pendarovski started by dividing the people into pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian,” Mickoski stressed.

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