Vaccine certificate mandate to be lifted for shopping malls


The Committee for Infectious Diseases recommended Wednesday that the vaccine certificate mandate for entering bars, restaurants and other enclosed hospitality facilities be lifted.

Infectious Disease Committee head Dr. AleksandarPetlichkovski, said that the recommendation will apply to shopping malls and other places where masks are not mandatory.

“We are proposing lifting of restrictive measures”, Petlichkovski said.

The Committee’s spokesperson ZlateMehmednovikj said that the vaccination rate was very low.

“By emphasizing vaccination in at-risk groups, we will prevent complications in this group of citizens. 260 thousand citizens are in that group, 130 thousand are not fully vaccinated, and the rest have not received their booster dose. We will focus on that in order to raise the quality of immunity and to be the basis for further easing of the measures,” Mehmedovikjsaid.

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