Mickoskion the Government: The people will happen to it, the time “for the streets” will come


Someone will say that these are the only ones in power. But, it is not only up to the Government, if we look at it that way, maybe we are now in the most comfortable position, twice as high rating, about 50 municipalities, the day will not come when we will call the people, I will personally call the people against this corrupt, criminalized and incompetent and irrational government. That day will come very soon, says VMRO-DPMNE leaderHristijanMickoski in an interview with TV Sonce.

Mickoski says that he will ask for support from the media and from all citizens to come out en masse and show defiance of what the citizens really think about this rule of the SDSM government.

“We will also ask for social support from you, from the people who are the creators of public opinion. If you think this is fine, then I’ll admit I was wrong. If not, join us, let’s all come out en masse to show defiance, to show what we think,” said the VMRO-DPMNE leader.

When asked what he thinks about the early parliamentary elections, given that SDSM does not accept, Mickoski stressed that the government is scared because they will suffer a huge defeat.

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