The FVA eased the measures due to the favorable epidemiological situation with the African plague


The Food and Veterinary Agency (FVA) has issued a decision easing measures to protect African swine fever in pigs due to the favorable epidemiological situation.

According to the FVA, the protection zone (within a radius of three kilometers) and the surveillance zone (within a radius of ten kilometers) around the two hotspots in Delchevo are abolished, where, in coordination and cooperation with the local government, the Ministry of Interior, veterinary societies and breeders measures for eradication (killing and harmless burial of pigs in the protection zone) and depopulation with economic use of meat in the supervised zone and other protection measures, defined in the previously adopted solutions.

“To bring the disease situation under control, since its inception, the FVA has immediately activated the National Center for Disease Control, conducted an emergency inventory of all pig farms and checked the established categorization of farms in relation to the introduced safety measures, and intensified There was also the cooperation with the Hunting Federation, the associations of pig breeders, the Veterinary Chamber and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy with which several working meetings were held,” says the director of the FVA Nikolce Babovski.


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