MP Micevski: Over 80 laws from the Parliament are waiting for approval from the Government, here’s who is blocking the Parliament


Yes, there will be a stalemate and I will not accept the word blocking and certain obstructions of the work of the Assembly, but in accordance with the rules given by the rules of procedure. Whenever they try to break the procedure, we will oppose the violation of the procedure and their harmful policies, whether economic or any legal solutions. Yes, we will prevent all harmful laws, and yes, we will not allow the harmful law on marijuana written as it was to pass, we will not allow certain proposals in the commission for elections and appointments that will pass in the coming period and the public will be able to see them – we will try to stop them or show more transparency. Every tool we have in accordance with the Rules of Procedure will be used, said Nikola Micevski, the coordinator of the VMRO-DPMNE parliamentary group in an interview with TV 24 on Thursday.

Micevski added that it does not occur to them to leave the Parliament because SDSM will be happy if that happens. He said that all the laws that they try to push through a small door will be passed in one day and knowing the capacity for such harmful laws, he is sure that they will do it.

“In terms of blocking, if we can go back, because I really want to open a topic. Here we hear how VMRO-DPMNE is blocking, every second press tells them that they will not allow VMRO to block the work of the Parliament, the coordinator says we will take all the responsibilities to make it work – now let me tell you how this government works.

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia was elected on January 17 and Kovachevski becomes the new Prime Minister. On January 18, the Parliament sent a letter to the government requesting the government to adhere to which laws in the coming period because it is a government that has to declare whether it stays behind all legal solutions, some give up and what plans to do with any legal solution that is in procedure. The Government sends a letter to the Assembly stating that it held a session on 22.02, a month and 5 days have not sent a notification to the Assembly which laws are behind. In the Parliament it reaches 25.02 and I as a coordinator receive it yesterday. A month and a half and 87 laws. 87 laws, the Parliament has been waiting for a month and a half for the government to send a notification behind which laws it remains and this period the government and SDSM held a bunch of press conferences in which they say that 87 laws are blocked by VMRO-DPMNE. No, there was no one to sit down and consider what he should do,” Micevski said.


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