Тhe Government is abusing the European integration process, Macedonia did not get a date for accession talks in December


Has the Government solved the pandemic? It did not solve the pandemic, and in terms of number of patients and mortality, Macedonia is unfortunately at the unfortunate top of that list. Has it solved the energy crisis? No, deepen it. Is it dealing with this crisis we have now? No, on the contrary, we have empty shelves and lines in front of gas stations, so there is no reason for them to stay in power. I was not the one who said all in, Zaev was the one who said all in in the elections and who said that the local elections are a referendum for his rule, he left but the party he leads should also leave because in those elections the people they have been clearly told that they do not support them as they will be clearly shown where they belong in the next parliamentary elections, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski on the “Only interview” show on Kanal 5 TV.

Nikoloski added that Macedonia is only wasting time on this government of DUI and SDSM because if elections were held as proposed by VMRO-DPMNE, immediately after the local elections, there would be elections in the second half of December and now there will be talk of a government with full legitimacy. This postponement of the parliamentary elections, as he said, meant a waste of time for Macedonia.

“The European integration process we talked about earlier is the most abused process in Macedonia. When they did not know why they would form a government, they said that they would do it so that Macedonia would get a date for negotiations in December or January. In December, Macedonia did not get a date for accession talks with the EU, in January Zaev got a date for skiing at Chamonix – and that is the truth about the lies they tell all the time,” Nikolski said.


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