MPs condemn aggression against Ukraine – condemnation of Moscow’s aggressive policy, not of the Russian people


MPs in the Parliament with 104 votes “for”, three “against” and one “abstained” adopted the need to adopt a Declaration condemning military attacks that threaten the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. The declaration was supported by all parliamentary groups, and only the two MPs from Levica and the MP of the Democratic Party of Serbs voted against it.

The explanation for the need to adopt the Declaration condemning the Russian aggression on Ukraine, submitted by MPs Monika Zajkova from LDP and Maja Morachanin from DOM, states that throughout history, humanity has witnessed numerous wars and internal conflicts, of which only the innocent human lives pay the highest price.

MP Maja Moracanin, on behalf of the parties in the governing coalition, assessed that the unprovoked Russian aggression against Ukraine is a blatant violation of international law and thus endangers the European security architecture and peace on the continent.


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