There is enough food, fuel and energy, inspectors check for trade abuses

Shopping basket with groceries , isolated over white background

The citizens should be calm and not worry about why there is a satisfactory amount of food products and oil derivatives in the commodity reserves in the country. The traders regularly procure fuel according to the demand, the authorities reassure.

The state, as claimed by the Government, has a sufficient amount of cereals in commodity reserves, in domestic mills there is a stock of 45,000 tons of wheat, quantities that are sufficient for the needs of the domestic market until the next harvest. According to official statistics, we have an increase in wheat production from 195 thousand tons in 2017, last year increased to 253 thousand tons.

There is enough meat in the country and for now there will be no price change, producers said yesterday after a meeting with Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy Ljupcho Nikolovski where they agreed to adopt two new intervention measures to support pig farmers.

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