Mickoski: We demonstrated a difference, 100 days without a single affair of the mayors of VMRO-DPMNE and over 1000 projects kick-started


I must say, and we must admit that, the main guide these first 100 days was, is and remains not to disappoint the people. And we did not disappoint him, and we will not disappoint him, and that is why I am sitting here in front of you, but also in front of the whole public and we say that in some difficult circumstances we have achieved a lot. And the most significant benefit of these 100 days is that we have finally returned the municipalities to those to whom they belong, and that is the people,” said VMRO-DPMNE party leader prof. dr. Hristijan Mickoski on Sunday’s regional report called “Changes that bring future – 100 days of local government report of VMRO-DPMNE”.

Mickoski pointed out that today Timcho from Aerodrom, Aleksandar from Gjorce, Darko from Butel, Orce from Kisela Voda, Bobi from Gazi Baba, and Aleksandar from Ilinden, Kosta from Zelenikovo, and for Stevche from Sopishte and Borce Mitevski from Petrovec confirmed and verified that this is so – and all this can be seen in the streets, neighborhoods, parks, with the people, working for the people. Municipalities have open doors to solve all problems, to find solutions, to support and change the difficult reality.



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