MFA issues non-paper condemning Putin, not the Russian people


The Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs proposes in non-paper an initiative to strengthen people-to-people contacts, so that the voice of reason can be heard against the war. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this initiative is sent to the OSCE member states, an organization that Macedonia will chair in 2023.

According to the non-paper, it is proposed that societies in Europe and beyond be louder in communicating with their counterparts in the Russian Federation.

“The idea is to invite and unite societies against this senseless war, universities with universities, doctors with doctors, chambers with chambers, journalists with journalists, etc. So, people-to-people communication, against aggression,” the Foreign Ministry told Deutsche Welle.

According to the non-paper, while condemning the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, it should be made clear that the people are not to blame for the conflicts caused by their irrational leaders.

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