Imports of goods increased by almost 30 percent in January

Freight container on a white surface with inscription "IMPORT" and images of the India flag on the closed doors. The three-dimensional illustration. Isolated

In January, goods were exported from the country in a total value of 546,045,000 euros, which is an increase of 3.6 percent compared to the same period last year, and goods worth 806,610,000 euros were imported, which is an increase of 29.3 percent .

According to data released on Tuesday by the State Statistical Office, the trade deficit in January amounted to 260,565,000 euros, and the coverage of imports with exports amounted to 67.7 percent.

The largest share of exports are catalysts of carriers with precious metals or their compounds, sets of ignition conductors for vehicles, aircraft or ships and ferronickel, and the largest share of imports is electricity, petroleum oils and metals from the platinum group and their alloys.

Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia were mostly traded during this period.

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