“Public Room” group creators each get 4 years in prison


The first verdicts were handed down with prison sentences for the creators of the Telegram group for harassing girls and women, the so-called “Public Room”.

Judge Biljana Kochevska sentenced the defendant Darko Kostovski, the creator of the group, to 4 years in prison, and the administrator Mihail Panevski to 4 years in prison.

They were accused of producing and distributing child pornography.

In the period between 19.12.2019 and 28.01.2020, the two defendants, as the founder and moderator of the group “Public Room” on the Telegram app were responsible for the content of the textual and audio-visual contents shared by the members of the group. But they deliberately allowed the group to make content available – audio-visual material showing obvious sexual acts with a child.

The Telegram group has been shut down.

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