Police arrest Albanian citizen near Tabanovce for migrant smuggling


On March 11, 2022 around 9.30 pm near a gas station and a motel on the highway leading from Tabanovce to Skopje by police officers from the Police Station for Border Surveillance Sopot was deprived of liberty BE (35) from the Republic of Albania, who was driving a passenger vehicle “Ford Mondeo”, with Skopje license plates, due to the existence of grounds for suspicion that he committed the crime “migrant smuggling”.

Namely, around 9.15 pm on the old road to the village of Tabanovce, on the exception of a dirt road leading to abandoned buildings towards the village of Rechica, police officers noticed that the vehicle stopped and several migrants headed towards Tabanovska Reka. After a search of the field, around 11.30 pm, 8 migrants were found, of which 5 from Pakistan, 2 from Mali and 1 from Somalia.

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