Macedonia can produce enough food with good organization, says Nikoloski


We believe that the measures are absolutely overdue, VMRO-DPMNE a month ago proposed measures that would mean that there is no such drastic increase in the price of diesel and gasoline, which goes to the highest limits ever seen in the country. Also the basic food products, such as bread, flour, oil, sugar, early vegetables, meat, meaning what are the basic products that are needed for the daily diet of a family go to prices that which are 3 to 4 times higher than the previous prices, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski on Sunday.

“Macedonia is an agricultural country – Macedonia can produce enough food itself if it has a good organization, which unfortunately does not exist at the moment. And that is why these measures are only cosmetic on the one hand, and on the other hand they do not want to give up filling the Budget. Because filling the budget after that means wasteful spending,” Nikoloski stressed.

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