ERC decides not to change fuel prices


The Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission decided on Monday not to change the price of fuels.

Retail prices of oil derivatives do not change, i.e. remain at the same level as determined in accordance with the decision to determine the highest retail prices of oil derivatives and fuels for transport of the Regulatory Commission for Energy and Water Services in March 12, 2022, says ERC.

These are the current fuel prices that continue to apply:

Motor gasoline EUROSUPER BS – 95 86.50 (denars/liter)

Motor gasoline EUROSUPER BS – 98 88.50 (denars/liter)

Diesel fuel EURODIESEL BS (DE V) 88.00 (denars/liter)

Burning oil Extra light 1 (EL-1) 83.50 (denars/liter)

Fuel oil M-1 NS 60,914 (denars/kg).

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